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SEO Tools for the Technical Content Writer, Backlink Checkers

The Tools for Search Engine Optimization of Online Content and Backlink Checkers

     In the current state of content creation SEO continues to be the predominant buzz word among those wishing to have their work largely viewed by the more tech-savvy public. Answers to anything ranging from the recipes to the most complex of technical data is a short Google Search query away. "Writers" are now forced to become "content creators" if they wish to be found online.

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     There is an endless supply of SEO articles and documents available along with many tools. Some of the most important tools focus heavily on keyword research Every writers should first decide how they would like their content to be found and what keywords might be ideal before actually producing the content. Some of the most useful tools are free and happen to be provided by Google.

     The Google Keyword Tool provide summary data of search query volumes for keywords and can help determine the reachable audience of an article targeting specific keywords along with which keywords are more highly trafficked. Google Insights for Search is a similar tool that shares the same data with a focus on comparison and trend analysis of search patterns for the specified keywords. This can all be useful when perhaps trying to determine how something like community computing center compares to computer lab. 
     SEMRush is a top paid and organic search sight that provides very in-depth metrics for specified keywords, though being a paid service, free users are limited to 5 reports per day. Moz.com's Open Site Explorer is another tools that can provide in-depth analysis of targeted keywords and the sites ranking well for those keywords. If can also help focus on anchor text used when linking back to specific pages.
     Opensite Explorer has been one of the most useful tools for alot of webmasters and professional SEOoptimizers. Especially for competitive analysis. We can take a look at what sites are ranking well for one of the terms we are targeting for and also take specific action to attempt to rank for another targeted search query.
     Regardless of what tool is used, today's content writers must begin to understand SEO and factors that affect organic search ranking. Writing for the reader and the search engine can be made easier with the multitude of tools and resources available online.

Source: The original article was posted on former Yahoo Voices by Will Lee - fortunecookiecreations.com